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Visas and Citizenships

Our Specialities

Our firm has excellent professionals specialized in these areas, both to process and obtain a United States Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa, and to obtain Italian Citizenship, when the requirements are met.


  • B1/B2. For Business and Tourism
  • F. For academic studies
  • M. For non-academic or vocational studies
  • J. For academic exchange visitors
  • HB-1. For specialized temporary workers
  • H-2. For temporary agricultural workers
  • L. For people transferred by their own company
  • O. For artists and professionals with extraordinary abilities
  • P. For artists or performers who will participate in cultural programs in the United States
  • Q. Participants of a cultural exchange in the United States
  • R-1. Religious workers
  • B-1. For domestic employees whose employer is American
  • 1. For journalists and publishers who cover
  • E-1. For merchants who need to travel to the United States
  • E-2. Investors traveling to develop and direct business operations
  • G. Members of international organizations
  • T. For victims of human trafficking
  • U. For victims of criminal acts committed in the United States
  • EB5. Immigrant Visa for those who invest in commercial projects in regional centers approved by the American Government

Italian citizenship is transmitted by descent from father to son, regardless of place of birth.

As of January 1, 1948, the mother can also transmit citizenship to her children.

Reconstruction is the administrative procedure by which it is proved that the transmission of citizenship has not been interrupted at any time, from the first ascendant born in Italy of Italian parents and emigrated to Argentina, to the person submitting the reconstruction request.

The reconstruction procedure is also called Recognition of Italian citizenship.

The reconstruction request must be submitted to the territorially competent Italian Consulate according to the applicant’s place of residence.

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