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Professional Ethics and Compliance Services

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Regulatory compliance or compliance is the imperative need of a company to establish appropriate procedures to ensure that managers, employees and other related agents comply with current regulations.

Normally, the concept of “Compliance” is usually associated with a process that simply avoids fines for regulatory breaches. However, if it is applied in an organized way and with scope to the entire organization, it can provide great benefits. 

Our Law Offices have a global Ethics and Compliance teams responsible for all aspects of compliance, including anti-corruption, international trade and government contracting rules, trained to protect each and every one of our clients’ commercial relationships in Argentina, United States, or in the rest of the world. 

The mission of our department is to lead a culture of ethics and integrity, protect our clients from legal risks and make business flow, but in an ethical manner and in compliance with the rules.

In this way we offer:

  • Compliance with the Law on Criminal Liability of Legal Persons for Crimes of Corruption at local and international level.
  • Analysis through Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) published in OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) to avoid fines and penalties of said agency
  • Advice and presentation of documentation by requirements of Fiscal Agencies or Banking Entities
  • Implementation of Integrity / Compliance Programs adapted to the unit of your company or business based on the International Standard ISO 19600 - Evaluation / Diagnosis of Integrity / Compliance Programs
  • Code of Ethics / Conduct Design
  • Design of Legal Compliance Manual according to the activity
  • Continuous Compliance Audit
  • Implementation of technology for the integral control of expenditures as a measure of anti-corruption compliance
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